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火博体育, we believe the best time to start thinking about your upward transfer possibilities is now! 无论你是未来的学生还是已经入学, 我们在这里帮助你的每一步. Let us show you how earning an associate degree here can help you transfer to a 4-year school of your choice and find the career of your dreams.


Upward transfer refers to the process of starting your college career at a community college and then moving to a 4-year college or university. 在那里你将获得学士学位.

火博体育这样的社区大学里, 你将学习你感兴趣的课程. After you have passed the required number of classes and earned your associate degree, 你将有资格转到四年制学校. 一旦你申请并被接受, your course credits will transfer to your new college or university. Then you will complete upper-division courses in your program to earn your bachelor's degree.


Certain jobs and positions require applicants to hold bachelor's degrees. By transferring from 火博体育 to a 4-year college or university, 你将获得更好的工作机会. 除了, data shows that workers who have a higher level of education typically earn more than workers with less education. 见下图,2020年受教育程度增加收入.

在转职前从这里开始,也有更多的好处. You will take the same challenging courses at 火博体育 as you would at a 4-year college, 但是学费更低. You will also benefit from smaller class sizes and the ability to take classes closer to home.

In fact, your community college class credits will fulfill many bachelor's degree requirements. 许多转学生在新学校读大三, 这意味着你可以在两年多的时间里获得学士学位.

火博体育 is a perfect starting point for many students on the path to earning a bachelor's degree. We value our community and strive to be a diverse and welcoming campus. 火博体育 has many university-type support services on our local campus, from our 辅导中心, 美洲原住民中心, 海伦西亚拉丁中心等等.

除了, 火博体育 has relationships with partner institutions to make the transfer process easier for you. 我们通过维护 转让协议 有很多四年制的学校. These colleges and universities articulate (or map out) the best program paths to follow and classes to take when considering a transfer to their institution. How many credits a university might accept varies from school to school, 而是通过与顾问合作, you can stay on track to meet the requirements for your target school!

Some of these partner institutions even offer scholarships to transfer students, 让你在火博体育度过的时光更有价值. 不管你的兴趣是什么, 火博体育 advisors will ensure that you stay on the right path and help maximize the credits you earn to your transfer school.

火博体育也提供 校内学生宿舍 全日制学生. Living on campus means you'll be closer to your classes and resources like the library. 你会得到你在转会过程中需要的支持, 包括住在隔壁的一群朋友. 在你转学之前尝试一下住宿大学生活.




如果你正在考虑向上转到四年制学校, 你应该先见见你的学术顾问. They will be able to guide you—from choosing what courses to take to helping you think about what type of 4-year school is the best fit for you!

接下来,你应该研究你潜在的学校选择. You may want to visit their campuses or connect with their university representatives. 这将帮助你对学校有一种感觉.

Keep an eye open for transfer visits and our annual transfer fair. Representatives of 4-year schools visit 火博体育 to meet students like you. 你可以问他们火博体育你未来专业或学校生活的问题.

When you are ready, you will apply for transfer admission to the schools of your choice. 在你被录取和注册之后, 你的四年制学校会为你安排一位转学顾问, 谁会帮助你适应新学校.

During the entire transfer process, 火博体育 advisors and staff will support you. 你不必独自踏上这段旅程. 我们在这里陪你走过人生的每一步.



We encourage you to explore 火博体育's degree programs to see which ones interest you and are transferrable. You should also look at our 转让协议 listed below to see which schools make it easy for you to transfer your credits.

During your application process, be sure to connect with an admissions advisor. They will be able to give you the most up-to-date information about current degree programs and how they will transfer to your next school.

Once you are admitted, you can schedule an appointment with an academic advisor. They will make sure you stay on track during your time at 火博体育 and help you with the transfer application process.



火博体育 has multiple 转让协议 with partner institutions. They will help you plan your educational path from 火博体育 to your 4-year college or university.

These 转让协议 (also called articulation agreements) outline specific classes to take to fulfill a program. When you follow an articulation agreement, your class credits will transfer to your new institution. Articulation agreements for specific institutions are available upon request through the Advising and Transfer Center.

除了, 火博体育 has adopted the state-wide common course numbering system, 使新墨西哥境内的转账更加顺畅. A few examples of colleges that also use the common course numbering system include the University of New Mexico, 新墨西哥州立大学, 以及新墨西哥高地大学. New Mexico colleges and universities using the common course numbering system have the same course number, title, 描述, 以及同等班级的学习效果. As a result, these common numbered courses are guaranteed to transfer. For students seeking specific details about course transferability within New Mexico, 更多信息可在 新墨西哥州高等教育部网页.

We will work with you to make sure you will not have to repeat any courses, 节省你的时间和金钱. 我们希望你能充分利用你的学分!


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