找一份重要且有需求的工作——物理治疗师助理(PTA). You'll work under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist to provide treatment to patients of all ages. We provide in-person and online/hybrid program options so you can choose the schedule that best meets your needs. 

You'll complete two externships and practice in our simulation labs to gain the real-world experience you need. See why the two-year Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Physical Therapist Assistant program at 火博体育 is the best preparation for your new career. 


成为这个国家发展最快的职业之一的一部分! 物理治疗师助理AAS是一个很好的选择,无论你是:

  • 想要转行
  • 找第一份工作
  • 提升你的物理治疗技能

作为一名家庭教师,你将在病人的独立和康复中发挥至关重要的作用. 你的职责包括:

  • 指导患者进行治疗性运动
  • Assisting patients with using equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and crutches
  • 通过治疗来控制疼痛, 包括按摩, 超声波, 电疗法, 还有热敷或冷敷

You will have the opportunity to work in multiple settings as a licensed PTA, 从医院, 养老院, 家庭健康机构, 还有学校的门诊, 体育, 健身设施.

The associate degree in physical therapist assistant takes about two years to complete. 由于对助教的高需求,你将很快开始你的新职业. 今天就申请做理疗师助理吧!



We offer two physical therapist assistant programs to fit your needs as a 火博体育 student. 你可以填写我们的 校内物理治疗师助理项目 短短五个学期.

您也可以完成 在线/混合物理治疗师助理计划 只用了五个学期. 在这个选项中,你的大部分课程将在网上完成. You will be required to travel to the 火博体育 campus for approximately 9-18 consecutive days (including weekends and/or holidays) for labs 在 each semester.

PTA在线学生的家乡. 紫色表示在线学生居住的州
PTA在线学生的家乡. 紫色的州表示我们的在线学生居住的地方.


获得所需的培训,在SJC开始你的职业生涯. Practice in our state-of-the-art facilities that simulate patient care in outpatient clinics, 养老院, 和医院. 您可以访问以下内容:

  • 两个程序实验室
  • 健康科学模拟中心
  • 健康和人类表现中心

As part of your courses, you'll also complete two full-time clinical externships. Interact with patients to get real-world experience so you can start your career as a physical therapist assistant.


我们的学位课程结合了优秀的教学和负担得起的成本. For in-state residents, the estimated cost of the on-campus program is $6,655. Find out if you can get your degree tuition-free through the NM Opportunity Scholarship.


Physical therapist assistants are healthcare professionals who directly assist the physical therapist in the treatment of people of all ages, 从新生儿到临终之人. Many patients have injuries, disabilities, or other health conditions that need care and treatment. But PTAs also assist people who want to become healthier and prevent future problems.

通过你在火博体育的课程, 您将学习物理治疗的基本原理和程序, 与治疗性运动相关的临床技术, 治疗策略. 你将学习: 

  • 解剖学、病理生理学、运动学、运动生理学等;
  • 与病人护理有关的基本程序, 包括疼痛评估, 活动范围, 床上移动, 和转移;
  • 如何帮助患者进行伸展运动, 加强, 平衡, 协调, 敏捷性, 有氧调节;
  • The importance and techniques of modalities, 按摩, airway clearance techniques, and wound care;
  • Types of physical therapy, including traction, 电疗法, aquatics, and hydrotherapy; and
  • Treatment strategies for patients with complex diagnoses, such as developmental disorders.


  • 术前监测患者, 在, 以及治疗后健康状况或功能的变化;
  • Developing and assisting patients with specific exercises as outlined in the plan of care;
  • 使用各种技术治疗病人, 比如手工疗法, 按摩, 伸展运动, 加强, 运动再学习计划, 等.;
  • Educating patients and their caregivers with the use of exercises, devices, and equipment;
  • Using effective clinical judgment and reasoning 技能 to ensure patient and clinician safety and ensure the efficacy of treatment;
  • Documenting notes of patient progress and health status; and
  • Adhering to professional and legal standards as outlined by the American 物理治疗 Association (APTA).

当你完成课程的时候, you will be prepared for an entry-level physical therapist assistant position with the appropriate knowledge, 技能, 以及职业行为.



An SJC Physical Therapist Assistant student studying in the 模拟中心


Become a confident physical therapist assistant through the 火博体育 健康科学模拟中心. This special laboratory will prepare you for your career by providing practice and feedback. Your professors will guide you through simulations as you assist work with live patients and learn how to use healthcare tools. 在SJC模拟中心掌握你需要的技能. 


You'll find a fulfilling and in-demand career as a physical therapist assistant. 根据 美国劳工统计局(BLS), employment of physical therapist assistants is projected to grow 26% from 2022 to 2032. 2022年5月,教师助教的平均年薪为62770美元. 收入最高的人年收入在85,230美元以上.

You'll help our aging population recover from mobility-related injuries, heart attacks, and strokes. 你也会帮助那些有慢性病的病人, 比如糖尿病和肥胖症, 正在从创伤中恢复.


  • 医院和门诊诊所
  • 康复中心单位
  • 养老院
  • 家庭健康机构
  • 学校
  • 体育健身设施
  • Travel assignments throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii
  • 研究和学术


  • 圣胡安地区医疗中心
  • Mercy地区医疗中心(科罗拉多州杜兰戈)
  • 物理治疗 & 运动医学的新墨西哥州北部,阿兹特克的位置
  • 阿尔伯克基的长老会医院
  • Fyzical疗法 & 平衡中心,拉斯克鲁塞斯
  • 三河理疗
  • 治疗一个
  • 生命运动(CA)
  • 雷诺骨科诊所(NV)
  • 岩石物理治疗恢复力训练中心

Some of our graduates have become faculty and directors of physical therapist assistant programs, 包括在火博体育!

You may also choose to advance your career and earn a Doctorate of 物理治疗. Look for DPT Programs or bridge programs that help you transition from a PTA to DPT. Other graduates have used their AAS to pursue other career paths in healthcare, 比如医生助理, 护理, 和更多的.



We are one of only four physical therapist assistant programs in New Mexico accredited by the Commission on 认证 in 物理治疗 教育 (CAPTE). Our graduates are eligible to take the National Physical Therapist Assistant Licensing Examination. 教师教师在所有50个州和哥伦比亚特区都有执照或认证, 波多黎各, 以及美属维尔京群岛.


The PTA program offers an AAS degree to students through its on-campus and online/hybrid programs. 每个项目每年最多招收20名学生. 欲了解有关入学要求,请下载我们的 物理治疗师助理应用说明.


To enter the Associate of Applied Sciences in Physical Therapist Assistant program, 你必须先申请火博体育. 宣布你的项目为预理疗师助理. 准备好发送所有正式成绩单. 


Set up an appointment with the health science advisor for step-by-step guidance on the prerequisite course sequence and the PTA application process. 请致电(505)566-3013预约. 

Carefully review the PTA应用说明 to ensure you understand all the requirements and steps involved.


完成PTA计划在线申请 & 提交所需表格-截止日期为5月31日,晚上11:59,MT. 


  1. 填写并提交 PTA计划网上申请.
  2. 给PTA项目发邮件 pta@tonlexia.com 确认所有申请材料在2024年5月31日前收到.
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