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火博体育's online associate degree in marketing will teach you the tools you need to succeed at helping your company or brand stand out from the competition. 向我们经验丰富的老师学习, who are professionally certified or currently working in marketing.

Why Complete an Associate Degree in Marketing?

无论行业如何, marketing helps drive a company's revenue goals through brand awareness, 建立关系, 增加了销售额. 在我们的网络世界, businesses and other organizations need to use more avenues to get their messages out. Marketing via 网站 design, 社交媒体 presence, and online campaigns has become essential.

拥有市场营销副学士学位, you'll build skills in marketing tools and techniques that stand out in our online world. During your time in the degree program, you will:

  • Study the growing need for a robust 社交媒体 presence
  • 学习如何创建在线活动
  • Discover how to deliver authentic content to connect with new customers and please existing ones.

你有市场营销的副学士学位, 你将学会如何推广, 做广告, and sell products and services for people to enjoy. Your courses will build on the foundation of traditional marketing. You'll also be at the cutting edge of digital marketing. By learning both, you'll be ready to help companies build brand awareness and make sales. 

Why Earn an AA in Marketing at 火博体育?


Our associate degree in marketing is a two-year program that you can take entirely online. You'll be able to attend classes in a way that fits your schedule and get the flexibility you need with SJC.  


To be a successful marketing professional in today's online world, 你需要掌握新媒体的技能. That's why SJC's marketing degree has been designed to start with a foundation of marketing principles and then dive deeper into effective strategies for digital, 网站, 社交媒体, 电子邮件, 移动, 搜索营销.

获得第一手经验, the marketing degree program includes opportunities to build integrated marketing campaigns to reach and engage target audiences for small organizations and events, 实习, 服务学习项目, 和其他人. You will also work toward industry-standard certifications, 比如Hubspot和Google Analytics, 在每一堂数字营销课上.

In addition, your marketing skills can give you a unique competitive advantage in the workplace. As you learn to market a company’s products and services, you’ll also learn how to brand and promote yourself. This will help you stand out from the crowd as you explore careers.


作为你市场营销学位的一部分, you will create a capstone project with the help of your professors. Your ePortfolio will showcase your personal 品牌, talents, skills, and program work. It will help you set yourself apart from other job applicants by demonstrating your newly acquired marketing skills and expertise.


因为 SJC的低学费, the Marketing AA is an excellent investment for you. Your rigorous, high-quality education will prepare you for an entry level marketing position. It can also prepare you for transfer to a bachelor's degree program to jump start a higher level marketing career opportunity. You may also qualify to get your degree tuition-free through the NM机会和彩票奖学金.


More 和更多的 jobs require applicants to have bachelor's degrees. Our two-year Marketing AA will prepare you to transfer to a four-year college. Take the same rigorous classes with our lower tuition rates and smaller classroom sizes. We also have transfer agreements with four-year schools in and out of state. 通过转到那些学校, you may be able to complete your bachelor's degree in just two more years.


The Marketing AA gives you a strong foundation in the world of marketing and can be taken completely online. You will learn business and marketing concepts to facilitate the building of key skills in digital, 网站, 以及社交媒体营销.


  • 数字和移动营销策略
  • 展示和视频广告
  • 内容营销 & 品牌
  • 电子邮件营销
  • 搜索引擎营销



Be prepared to earn a bachelor's degree at a four-year university with 火博体育. 与市场AA合作, you may be able to enter as a junior majoring in marketing or digital marketing. If you wish to transfer, we strongly encourage you to 与你的学术顾问见面. They will help coordinate your coursework at 火博体育 with the requirements of the transfer institution.


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Help non-profit organizations with their marketing strategies. 通过参与我们的mINiTERN项目, 你会更新网站, 开展电子邮件活动, 运行领英商务档案, 和更多的. 你不仅能获得现实世界的经验, but you'll also receive an honors service-learning designation on your transcript and may be able to receive a 火博体育 scholarship.


Our economy is seeing a demand for people with marketing skills. 根据美国劳工统计局的数据, 广告的使用, 促销活动, and marketing managers is estimated to grow 10% from 2021 to 2031. This is faster than average for other occupations.

Our Marketing AA graduates work in many careers, such as:

  • 广告和促销
  • 市场研究分析师
  • 活动策划
  • 多媒体营销专员
  • 筹款
  • 公共关系
  • 营销经理
  • 销售
  • 营销专家
  • 社交媒体协调员/专家


To enroll in the Associate of Arts in Marketing courses, you must first apply to 火博体育. It's easy, and you can apply online at any time!


If you are already a student at 火博体育, talk to your advisor about our online Marketing AA program. 你也可以讨论你的转学选择.


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